Market Insight

Do you have the right insight to increase sales today and in the future?

It’s all about the sales

Market insight gives you the ability to capture, visualize and connect market intelligence with internal knowledge about products, customers, services, brands, value offer, markets, innovations, patents etc.

One major challenge is to increase sales in the daily business. But what will be our daily business in one or 5 years? How much do we know about our competitors and our customers today and tomorrow?

By starting to digitalize knowledge, data and information it will help the business to get smarter. It provides knowledge workers with the market insight they need to accelerate correct decisions regarding the daily contact with customers and new businesses.

Key knowledge areas within market insight are: product insight, competitor insight, customer insight and patent insight.

The entire business needs competitor information

The Marketing department needs to provide effective communication to the sales force. The Marketing Manager needs to make effective and relevant marketing strategies. The CEO wants to see the results of marketing efforts. The sales people want fruitful leads through campaigns. Product Managers need to understand how the product should be designed to get ahead of the competition.

In order to live up to all this the Marketing Manager needs to know their competitors and the constant change in the market.

Our Competitor Navigator helps you identify and tackle your organization’s weakness as well as develop its strengths.

Capture, share and analysis

To be able to increase competitor knowledge we need to capture, understand and analyze information such as:

  • Product & Service Portfolio
  • Value Offerings
  • Companies including competitors
  • Business Areas
  • Categories
  • Segmentation within markets or products & services
  • Geographical or geopolitical divisions
  • Target Groups
  • Key people like thought leaders, excecutives or markets experts


Benchmark – compare the right information

We compare your competitors through our proven method of defining the features and facts in a uniform way. Competitor Navigatior will show connections between products and services, size, segments and categories in a clear way. The views show where there are gaps and give you an opportunity to act in time.


Intelligent accurate solutions

Our Competitor Navigator allows everyone within the organization to access the knowledge they need. It can be accessed through the inorigo web interface, SharePoint, extranet, newsletters and the management team. Produce relevant and live reports that are continuously updated with structured information.

Update your powerful knowledge via the web interface

Get geographical overview

Compile information into one view


It is possible to integrate the inorigo with externally collected data, such as intelligence from various databases and specific services.
It is also possible to import information from ERP systems, CRM, text, pictures, Excel and other formats. Integrate information from individual Excel sheets and transform human capital to structural capital.

Simple implementation

Go from nothing to a complete system in weeks.



Taking stock of the critical knowledge you need to capture and master. Together, we define the key knowledge areas and start understanding where the knowledge is stored today and how to harvest it in the best possible way
Evaluating which information is needed from a competition perspective to support the critical competitive analysis. Together we prioritize areas to visualize. The inorigo software is installed and used as knowledge interaction repository throughout the duration of the project.



Based on information from the previous workshops, we start configuring our different solutions and populate it with the materials identified during the stocktake. The solutions include visual applications that are constrctued and approved during thr operation.
A configuration is proposed and is aimed at supporting the desired and prioritized implementation. Gradually the Competitive Navigation capability grows and new material is loaded into it according to the original priority.



When the first version of the Competitive Navigation capability is completed, training on the installation is performed on a defined working group.
The training covers areas such as: how the different solutions are used and maintained, what benefits they provide and which analyses can be supported. After a predefined time, a follow-up meeting on the result will be held.