Corporate Development Management System™


Ortelius Corporate Development Management System™ (CDMS) offers a connected and collaborative approach to perpetual business transformation

Change is inevitable and we need to manage it

Is it important to continuously evolve your enterprise? Is it important to secure that we are up to date with the business environment we act within and with our competitors especially? Is it important that we have a well-defined strategy in line with all our stakeholders?

The answer to this questions is of course yes on all accounts, but why is it then so difficult?

Ortelius CDMS have made it simpler comprising a set of solutions where we can relate the Change Portfolio with the Strategic direction and the right Performance metrics, all connected via the Business Capabilities – the most sustainable way of business ecosystem design.

  • Strategy Navigator
  • Change Portfolio
  • Performance Portfolio
  • Business Capability Navigator


Always know exactly where you are relative to the plan.

You take the time each year to chart your company’s course. You convey the goals to your team. You didn’t spend all of that time planning just to see your strategies go in one ear and out the other.

With our Navigators, you gain instant visibility of how your strategy is performing and progressing as well as the ability to identify top contributors across the business.

Set the vision at the top – then provide autonomy

Once you have set your company objectives, you need to keep them at the top of people’s minds. Our Navigators allows you to constantly collaborate with everyone about vision, mission and most important goals.

Strategy is everyone’s work and when everyone lines up behind it – expect great things.

Be ahead of change

In a recent survey of 300 chief executives, 38% of CEOs stated that they had been blindsided by an unforeseen negative event in the last 90 days.

Keep a spotlight on untouched goals so they don’t blindside you down the road. With our Navigators, predict potential issues and risks before they happen.

Sense your progress

Sensing your situation is vital for the learning process and you need always to compare your hypothesis with what is happening in your environment. If the alarms goes off you have the best capability ever to go back to your Digital Corporate Brain and check out what could be wrong with your hypothesis. Maybe you are still right. Maybe you have to make an update and then return to sensing.

Let everyone understand the problem and you will have a solution that benefit all!

Intelligent accurate reports

Our Strategy Navigator™ allows everyone within the organization to access the information they need. It can be accessed through web interface, SharePoint, extranet, Internet, newsletters and the management team. Produce relevant and live reports that are continuously updated with structured information.


Collaborate with real-time knowledge & information

Combining all knowledge and information into one common format

Integrate humans & computers

It is possible to integrate our Navigators with externally collected data, such as intelligence from various databases and specific services.
It is also possible to import information from ERP systems, CRM, text, pictures, Excel and other formats. Integrate information from individual Excel sheets but most importantly – transform human knowledge to structural capital that we can share cross functional or cross processes.

Step-by-step guide to establish excellence

In a few months you will have some of you new capabilities in place and will start saving money and benefiting new opportunities


Assessing the Value of a more collaborative, intelligent and digital approach to business transformation. Together we create a Value Map as a contract between all of us through the journey so we don’t loose sight of the true power of CDMS and the Digital Corporate Brain.



We initiate four main working streams to establish the CDMS capability. Organization and way of working, digital platform, driving change initiatives, support quick wins in organizations. One of the first activities is to power up the Change Portfolio Navigation capability. We start collecting all the change initiatives in the organization that allocates capital. We organize them in a way all can see the potential overlaps or white spots and how they relates to business model and potential market cap valuation



Continue working on Customer Success and increase training for customer to secure that customer is ready to take charge of the solution as a whole



Customer identifies and drives new applications within the CDMS capability with limited support from us. Customer defines and drives governance. Value increase in solution no longer dependent on Ortelius efforts