Our solutions

Design and test the idea you have for a new competitive capability and let our solution be a fast return on your investment

Tailored solutions mean you will utilize the inorigo platform tools to create something valuable that gives you a competitive edge in the value network you want to orcestrate.

Predefined solutions are designed to get you started quickly and smoothly so your organization can reap an immediate benefit. These have been developed over the years together with our customers, they are a proven way of getting results without risking time and money.


Our predefined and tailored solutions – based on the inorigo® platform

To become successful in today’s business environment you need to work hands-on with your ideas about the future. Based on our experience, our solutions will provide a solid foundation for creating the right decision and create the right values for you customers.


With Inorigo® you will be able to start directly by digitizing critical knowledge inside your organization. You will start enabling a ”corporate brain” that will help you to capture and understand a complex value network in a smarter way. You will be able to apply your knowledge workers experiences and create excellence in the Digital Transformation Process – securing a sustainable competitive advantage.


in Are you focusing on the right technologies? Do you have freedom to operate in a specific market? Intellectual Assets Navigation will mean you’ll be able to create a clear and visible connection between patents, products, markets etc., which enables you to find blind-spots on the market, detect obsolete patents and avoid unnecessary risks when entering a new technology area.

Since 1999 Ortelius has more than 60 years of experience helping companies building smart organizations. We know what it takes to make use of all knowledge, expertise, and information that exists in Your organization today.