Delivering solutions for a competitive advantage

Excel in digitalizing knowledge and turning it into a tangible asset for the entire value network you operate.

Your partner to get Ahead

We have a team of highly skilled experts in our professional services department who can assist you in transforming the good ideas you have about improving your enterprise, into real solutions that gives you competitive edge.

Our main streams of knowledge where we focus on delivering state-of-the art expertise and proven concepts are:

  • Corporate Development Management Concept for Chief Strategy Officers and CEO’s
  • Digital Transformation Platform Concept for Chief Digital Officers and CIO’s
  • Insight and Growth Navigation for Chief Marketing Officers, M&A and CTO’s
  • Intellectual Asset Management for Chief Strategy Officers, IP Director and Compliance Officers

We also deliver high-quality implementation and training services, but can also provide specialized advice after the initial implementation

Managed services

While our focus is to transfer as much knowledge as possible, to ensure that our customers can independently maintain a capability, a growing body of customers prefer a managed service approach. For such customers, we offer specific expertise to run a certain task or service or we can take responsible for running the entire process for you.

We also offer maintenance services for the inorigo platform or the specific solutions on an ongoing basis. Regardless of your level of need, we can tailor a service package to meet your needs