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Solution: inorigo Environment Impact Navigation

Result: Turning environmental responsibility into value for the end customer


The growing importance of environmental awareness in business resulted in our customer needing to know the origin of the materials used in their packaging material, and consequently which packages they produced that were FSC certified.  The challenge was to enable our customer to allocate FSC originated paper to the appropriate packaging material factories and subsequently to allocate the relevant packaging material to the markets requiring it. This situation presented a competitive disadvantage, especially in markets where environmental awareness and regulation were high and where competitors were aiming to gain market share. The ability to have FSC allocation helped protect and gain market share, which could be directly translated into revenue.


We started by creating a model to keep track of FSC material. We implemented the model in our inorigo® platform and populated it with real data. This allowed us to discover dependencies and information gaps, and create a shared view of the challenge with our customer. Once the model was secured and agreed by the customer, we started to integrate and create processes to automatically populate the solution with data, giving the customer the ability to allocate FSC material in real-time. The solution provided to the customer gave the ability to:

  • Support the allocation and traceability of FSC paper as well as packaging material
  • Integrate and support current business processes concerned with planning and allocation
  • Technically integrate current sources of data in order to minimize data maintenance


  • Provided the ability to allocate FSC material according to market needs
  • Maintained competitive advantage in key markets
  • Increased efficiency by 35%in reporting, analysis and maintenance of environmental data

Solution: inorigo Change Portfolio Navigator™

Result: Better at allocating capital to the right initiatives


In many larger international organizations, there is constant pressure of change based on different functional and market needs. This was the case for our customer. They were experiencing an ever-increasing spend on projects with limited control over value and prioritization. They tried to address the issue several times but failed to achieve lasting success due to the increased administrative burden and complexity. As a foundation for change, there was a corporate strategy. However, the connection between our customer’s strategy and their project portfolio was unclear. Our customer’s strategy did not play a central role in the decision making process and as a result many projects had little or no strategic alignment making it unclear how they contributed to achieving the corporate strategy.


By utilizing our platform inorigo®, the customer could make all strategic components visible and understandable, as well as show how the different components combined to form a successful strategy implementation. This made it crystal clear how each project contributed to the success of the strategy, and how it would affect the balanced scorecard. The solution gave the customer the ability to:

  • At a glance understand how investments were allocated and resources were used
  • Prioritize the projects according to strategic alignment and focus areas
  • Understand how their current project portfolio impacted the balanced scorecard


  • Improved utilization of resources in project portfolio
  • Increased target fulfillment of corporate target on BSC
  • Closed projects with no strategic alignment
  • Consolidated projects for more efficient and faster implementation
  • Decreased project portfolio spend by 30%



Solution: inorigo Value Sales Navigation

Result: Increase the level of value sales capacity

As is the case for many organizations operating in a highly demanding and complex business environment, our customer was experiencing a high level of administrative pressure on their sales organization. This called for a new approach to ensure valuable time was spent with customers, not on administration. We helped our customer to identify these issues and realize the true potential of their sales organization.

From administration to value

As business complexity increases, increased administration becomes the norm. Sales organizations have learned to accept that more time is required to control and manage the business; resulting in increased sales costs. Our customer decided to do something about this increasing administration and enable their sales organization to spend more valuable time with the customer.

Do less non-value adding work

Together with the customer management team, we developed a transformation tool in inorigo® that provided a comprehensive overview of all processes, activities, time spent, organizations and IT systems involved in the sales process. With all this information gathered in one place – inorigo® – the analysis was a simple task and enabled our customer to take the right decisions on where to minimize the non-value adding work.

Efficient IT usage

By having all information gathered and connected in one place, they could get a clear view of how their IT systems were used revealing redundant systems and blind spots where efficient IT support was lacking.

Increased sales at the same cost

By analyzing the efficiency and reducing the non-value adding work, 30% greater sales capacity at the same cost was achieved.

Our turn-key and tailored solutions – based on the inorigo® platform

To become successful in today’s business environment you need to work hands-on with your ideas about the future. Based on our experience, our solutions will provide a solid foundation for creating the right decision and create the right values for you customers.

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Everybody can have their own magic ball and start reflecting a possible future and put it to the test, with less effort and with less risk.

Our Corporate Development navigators help you as Chief Strategy Officer, CEO or Business Development Officer start orchestrating change (or evolution if you like) in your enterprise.

The suite comprises navigators within Strategy, Change Portfolio and Performance metrics, but also head-starts within Growth Navigation, Ideation, and Insights.


Your competitors are watching you – are you watching them? Competitor Navigation captures, visualizes and connects all the strategic relationships we need to understand before we make decisions how to meet our competitors on the market and how to show our customers that we know what we talk about. With our solutions within Competitor Navigation we support true interaction – meaning ability to both insert new knowledge and analyze existing knowledge.


Are you focusing on the right technologies? Do you have freedom to operate a specific market? With Intellectual Assets Navigation you’ll be able to create a clear and visible connection between patents, products, markets etc., which enables you to find blind-spots, unnecessary patents and avoid unnecessary risks

Ortelius has more than 100 years of collective experience helping companies building smarter organizations by letting them utilize their intellectual assets. We know what it takes to make use of all knowledge; expertise and information that exists in Your organization today.