Here are some thoughts on achieving what you need to achieve as an Organization, to bring your purpose to life. Nothing is impossible anymore. But a shared information structure is key!


Being a child of the 70’s, I may be just ever so slightly infused with postmodernism.

Yet when striving for growth and learning it helps to be able to question the dogmatic views that surround us, not least within management theory and practice. Curiosity and creativity need to be unrestrained if we are to meet the challenges of our complex times.

But on the other hand; there are things we need to question and things we don’t. Some things we can and should accept. I hope we can all agree that relativism has its limitation.

So how do we find constants in human organizations so that management can be done on a stable core? A company, for instance. What is it and what should it be? What could it be, indeed? How do we get an overview of how good we could be given our potential? What structures and concepts do we have to explore these questions? What are the underlying truths, if you will?

I have found a bit of a haven here at Ortelius, where they have developed a conceptual model for our human endeavor to achieve things together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a company, a government agency, and NGO or an IGO. Let me exemplify:

Business models are not constant, but the concept of having business models is a constant. The organizational structure should not be constant, but the concept of having an organizational structure is. The content of someone’s mandate is flexible, but what a mandate is, is conceptually understandable whatever its current content. Customers – they come and go, but there will always be customers. Same goes for suppliers… competencies, capabilities, goals, projects… The concept stays, the content changes.

Generic structures are therefore immensely valuable for organizing a company, and for communicating improvement. The conceptual level is a truth we can unite around. And here we find the key to excellence. To maintain a structure that everyone recognizes, while constantly changing and adapting to the market. On that common basis, we all connect through what we know and what we can do, through means at our disposal. That’s how we achieve things together. But we have to agree on the structure and the system that enables our organization to be.

As a customer you just want to forget about the tech, and only use it for what it can do for you.

I have limited tech background myself. I long thought IT was a world to its own. When in a previous career I was procuring IT solutions, I feared the expensive and time-consuming implementations, integrations and upgrades, so eagerly flogged by the suppliers. That’s before I joined Ortelius. Now I know that, when done right, information management can be a codification of our dreams and aspirations. A versatile enough database technology can be a tool by which to create a joint vision, align your understanding of it and execute it. As a customer you just want to forget about the tech, and only use it for what it can do for you.

I am a 70’s man, already half-a-millennial compared to the war generations. I do not necessarily want to overexert myself and face early death by stress. I prefer to off-load un-necessary data from my memory and just find it by its natural conceptual context. I prefer to augment my brain to a computer or database, and now I can – and I can share my knowledge with other people, in a structure that’s inherently familiar to them. That’s how to ideate, share and collaborate – with the help of a Digital Twin of an Organization.

Whatever your aim, goal or higher purpose, just hook it up as information to your Digital Twin platform and assess the idea, your available resources and capabilities – calibrate the investment before you press “Go”. Move with precision on your road to excellence. Achieve what you need to achieve as an Organization. Bring your purpose to life. Nothing is impossible anymore. But a shared structure is key. https://www.ortelius.com/digital-twin-of-an-organization/

Kristoffer Nordman
Senior Expert at Ortelius, Digital Corporate Transformation & Corporate Strategy