About Ortelius

Professional Services

Our consultants help large scale global corporations to structure intricate data. Allowing for your organization to leverage the collective intelligence, and connect data with strategy. We ensure a tailored solution with the capability of continuously adapting to organizational opportunities and threats. 

Globally recommended technology

In 2020 Gartner recommended Ortelius globally as key vendor of digital twin technology. Gartner: “Ortelius can handle new or changed data, but does not only change this in the mapping, but also in the feeding data component. This is a rarely seen exceptional capability that makes the Ortelius’digital twin technology truly dynamic.”

International customer-base

We apply our world class modelling skills and generic information models at the businesses of our numerous customers in-and outside Scandinavia. We have a growing customer-base with many household names and are continuously expanding our footprint at our customers. The best proof of providing added value.

The inorigo® platform

Invented by the world’s most experienced business architects when there was no solution available on the market. We invented a unique solution for creating a true reflection of a business environment, including depicting complex connections. Created with the vision of helping companies increase their market value utilizing digital twin technology. And when desired, evolving their business through continuous transformation.

– recommended by Gartner

Our promise

We leverage our customers’ collective capability to see where things are heading and how to get there first, with technology and purpose driven methodology to imagine the possible and turn it into reality.

What to expect

Highly skilled people, with hands-on experience from large enterprises
The most dynamic digital twin technology in the market
We are in it for the long term, and continuously invest in the inorigo® platform

Cybersecurity to protect your structural capital

We are all grit, innovation and determination

What’s in a name?

In 16th century Abraham Ortelius became the first cartographer in history to ever create an atlas of the world. His work was prized for its accuracy and for unifying cartographers on the mapping standard by creating a true model of the physical world.

Just like Abraham Ortelius’ standardized approach for maps led to the most valued publication of his time, a true reflection of your business with Ortelius’ digital twin technology will ensure your competitiveness and optimize your market value. Why not start with twinning your product portfolio, or your competences and discover unknown opportunities?