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Doing carbon transparency right – here’s how

In 2019, Emma walked towards the meeting room that she had booked for the entire day. She only had one point on the agenda: “There is a high risk that we spend the entire day just discussing and we won’t […]

If you had to do a Football World Championship 2.0 model

An information modeler’s challenge – how would you have done it? How is a Football World Championship really structured and what are the components required to make up the whole? Football associations, national teams, players, referees, coaches, equipment, assets such […]

A new breed of business consultants of 2023 will know data and information modeling

Let’s start with a couple of questions to set the scene. As a business consultant you are often faced with a wide array of tasks and topics. Many (most) include data in one form or another. Increased specialization and the […]

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Stefan Dageson Ortelius digital twin

The puzzling truth of Composable Business

and how to get it all right – piece by piece The golden future of composable business So, what is composable business? In short, it is about going from a rigorous and monolithic system landscape to a modular application portfolio. […]