Navigate Digital Transformation

Creating the ability be in transition
Let us guide you in how to cross the digital transformation divide while creating the unique ability to work consistently with evolving your enterprise. Let us help you understand how smart digitization will improve efficiency and effectiveness but even more importantly affect your business models and your market cap.

Do you need to cross the Digital Transformation chasm too?

A challenging task that can be a great opportunity for your enterprise, but also a great risk due to its high level of complexity.  A core capability to make this crossing safe and sound is to be able to start digitizing critical knowledge about what makes your enterprise successful.This corporate knowledge will be your foundation on which to increase internal productivity in tacit knowledge work, and will also allow for close digital interaction with your customers.

Together with the inorigo® platform you will be able to start directly by digitizing critical knowledge inside your organization. You will start enabling a ”corporate brain” that will help you to capture and understand a complex value network in a smarter way. You will be able to apply your knowledge workers experiences and create excellence in the Digital Transformation Process – securing a sustainable competitive advantage.

The interaction of knowledge and technology is crucial

We like to share our experiences of how to leverage digital transformation by means of our platform-driven approach enabling knowledge workers and technology to share and interact upon. Properly equipped you will, as a CDO, be able to release power, generate engagement and foster creativity essential to let your digital transformation become the prime driver to your strategic agenda.


We regard your CDO appointment either to be a kamikaze mission or a once in a lifetime opportunity to make an outstanding career. With our framework and inorigo we´ll make sure it will become the latter. Let us empower you!



One success factor for the CDO is to focus on integrating digital into all aspects of the business, from channels,  processes and data to the operating model. Practically this means that the CDO needs to work with the entire executive and have multiple skills. Our inorigo digital transformation concept not only empowers the CDO but also gives the ability to support and create capabilities for the entire executive team.

With our predefined solutions in Corporate Development you will be able to integrate the Change Portfolio with the Strategic direction and the right Performance metrics. This is one crucial part of our Digital Transformation concept.

Enhanced capabilities for the executive team

CEO – Our concept facilitates decision-making and creates the strategic intelligence needed to adapt to future value networks.
CSO – Support the CSO with digital capabilities to integrate the strategy formulation and execution processes to make a more profound impact on the business model and operations, as well as determine the right change initiatives and monitoring their progress.
CMO – Another important part of our concept is the detailed analysis of market trends, customer behavior and developments in technology, both inside as well as outside the sector. Here our market Insight solutions support the necessary shift from transactional marketing to customer engagement.
CIO – The flexible models inside the inorigo platform combined with our broad experience in e.g. information governance, supports you and your CIO in all necessary processes to leverage the large investments made in technology and add the capability to create unique solutions quick and clean in operations.
COO – In order to enable operational efficiency in all business units you will need to unlock value that resides in your employees, your knowledge workers. Inorigo allows to do just that – to create a corporate brain with one single knowledge repository.
CFO – And last but not least the CDO’s close cooperation with the CFO will drive better outcomes to the bottom line. Our framework and platform-driven approach will enable digitalization becomes an enabler to save money and add new revenue.


Transformation is difficult, your task is difficult, but with our concept you will start to enjoy your crucial role. We enable you to structure and share technology and knowledge, to be on top of the game. With our help you will be able to create the most important capability – the capability to continuously adapt and improve in an ever changing environment – your organization will achieve digital maturity and a given spot in future value networks.

Navigate Digital Transformation