Why a Digital Twin of an Organization?

All critical industries know they need to be able to minimize risk while going through the process of change and the successful achievement of a new capability in the business. Having a dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization at the centre of your business and operations development process will be a true differentiator when striving to be continuously competitive.

Why you need a dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization – Using the virtual to create and control the physical

“A digital twin of an organization (DTO) is a dynamic software model of any organization that relies on operational and/or other data to understand how an organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers exceptional customer value.” (Marc Kerremans, Market Guide for Digital Twin of an Organization Technologies).”

Ortelius is one of the world’s first movers in dynamic DTO management, with deep and broad experience from guiding leading multinationals to a more digitized business and operational development process. We pair the power of a centralized dynamic DTO with decentralized expert input and co-operation. By capturing a 360-degree view of an entire enterprise, we digitally represent people, processes, information and assets as they exist in the physical world.

Fully interacting with both systems and people, our platform captures your collective intelligence in real time, and places that information in precisely the right place in an information ecosystem. The same piece of information is then reused by others in different contexts – with full contextual translation – allowing for all stakeholders to simultaneously update their physical reality.

When, for instance, a product feature is altered, the change is immediately captured digitally and utilized by stakeholders across all locations, from sales to shipping, after-market services, finance, etc. [You can even go beyond your own organization and connect to your extended value network, partners, suppliers and customers to receive the same intel.]

We go beyond traditional DTO fields of application like IoT, hypothesis building and testing. We offer DTO integrated Strategy Lifecycle Management Solutions and a full-scale Corporate Development Management System to help you Ideate, Optimize, Transform and Govern your reality.

Your collective intelligence is no longer just in real time, in context and in the hands of the right stakeholders – it can now also be strategically aligned. With inorigo® your Digital Twin helps you decide your ideal direction. Continuously evolving on that path, while aligning everyone with it, you are pulled efficiently towards your ideal future state.

According to Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, Digital Twins are in the Top 10 of strategic technology trends in 2019. Learn from Marc Kerremans, senior research director at Gartner, US, what a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) is, why you need one, and how Garner rates our DTO.

The Digital Twin of an Organization is alive!

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