Intellectual Asset Navigation

Increase your market value by transforming intellectual capital to tangible assets by codifying knowledge – leveraged by the inorigo® platform

The Nature of Intellectual Assets

There is the tangible type (physical capital like buildings and machines) and intangible type (intellectual capital in people and processes). Both are reflected by data (which is explicit and structured) and through information (which is implicit and unstructured).

Data and information provide benefit to any commercial enterprise or possessions even though they reside in disparate sources and venues, such as:

  • People & competencies – ”human capital”
  • Systems/software+processes – ”organizational capital”
  • Equity-loyalty-etc. attributes – ”relationship capital”

These three primary components are generally regarded as exclusive to the operating taxonomy of intellectual capital. However, that’s not necessarily so. Clearly it does not prevent any of them in their application or utility for both the tangible and the intangible to benefit the organization.

When the data and information of all of the above are properly converted into intelligence – the result manifests itself as knowledge. It is this appropriate codification of knowledge that transforms intellectual capital into a real business asset (otherwise it all just remains ‘standard issue’ capital). Now, once turned into an asset(s) an enterprise is positioned to create and manage rational value propositions to extract wealth.

Arguably, even the most restrictive definition of what qualifies as tangible is unable to completely circumvent its intangible heritage; after all, it did originate through input by someone or something – somehow and somewhere (it is all about constructing plus relating these precious components in a different/novel/distinct way).


The patent department – everyone’s strategic partner

Whether you work with products, finance, business development or M&A you always have an Intellectual Asset dimension to your work. Your products are sold worldwide but you don’t always know if or how you are protected on your key markets and if you have freedom to operate.

  • Which of our products do we have protection for and where?
  • How much of our overall sales comes from our own R&D?
  • Where are we spending our R&D money and what is the outcome?
  • Are we acquiring production capacity or know how?

The right information for the right person

Many questions the patent department needs to answer can be time consuming and reduce the time available to focus on more pressing issues. What if you could tailor the information needed to answer specific questions and make that information readily available? Our Intellectual Asset Navigation concept gives you the opportunity to flexibly decide what to navigate, and make for instance the IP knowledge an available as a strategic asset for relevant stakeholders – while you and your department stay focused on what’s important for your daily operations.

Focused work without interruptions

What would it be like to communicate complex, comprehensive high level information to many stakeholders without the frequent interruption of your primary roles and responsibilities?

Patent Departments face more challenges than most other business units since they deal with a double dose of intangibility (the Intellectual Asset itself + unstructured human capital aspects) in addition to a lot of complicated transactional data that really needs to be well understood, correlated and mapped into useable associations.

Integrate but don’t duplicate

There is no need to change your normal work routine. We review your current datasets, their different sources and how they relate. We don’t require you to use one more system and maintain data in one more location. Instead based on an initial assessment we can integrate your current systems and tailor the output to your needs. One key element that differentiates Ortelius and other practitioners is our Knowledge Interaction Platform approach and our inorigo® software platform which is customized specifically for to your needs, your business and your challenges.

Make decisions instead of wasting too much time on finding and sorting

Up to 80 percent of a tacit knowledge workers time is spent on finding and sorting information and data. The remaining 20 percent is spent on making choices and based on that work. Our Intellectual Asset Navigation concept allows you to increase effectivness by spending time on what really matters.

You will be able to uncover knowledge embedded in your value network and meaningfully connect the dependencies and relationships between information in disparate systems, in a single view, providing you with a decisional support that complement your normal number analytics.


It is possible to integrate our Intellectual Asset solutions. with externally collected data, such as intelligence from various databases and specific services.
It is also possible to import information from ERP systems, CRM, text, pictures, Excel and other formats. Integrate information from individual Excel sheets and transform human capital to structural capital.

Simple implementation

Go from nothing to a complete system in weeks.



Start-up consists of a workshop.
Taking stock of the critical knowledge you need to capture and master. Together, we define the key knowledge areas is start understanding where the knowledge are stored today and how to harvest it in the best possible way
Evaluating which information is needed from an Intellectual Asset perspective to support the critical decision making. Together we prioritize areas to visualize. The inorigo(R) software is installed and used as knowledge interaction repository throughout the duration of the project.



Based on information from the workshop, the Intellectual Asset Navigation concept is taken further and inorigo® is configurated and filled with materials identified during the Stocktake. The Intellectual Asset Navigation concept includes visualization proposals that during operation is continuously verified.

A configuration is proposed and is aimed at supporting the desired and prioritized Intellectual Assetanalysis. Gradually inorigo® grows and new material is loaded into it according to the original priority.



When the first version of the Intellectual Asset Navigation concept is completed, training on the installation is performed on a defined working group.

The training covers areas such as: how the different solutions are used and maintained, what benefits they provide and which analyses can be supported. After a pre-defined time, a follow-up meeting on the result will be held.