The Intelligent Enterprise 2017 conference in summary

Held on 20 November 2017 Read morePhotos from the day

Presented by Ortelius AB, creators of inorigo®

A big thank you to everyone who came and participated, making it such a successful and insightful experience.

The speakers on the day were:

Ulf Jensen

Ulf Jensen

CEO at Ortelius

Ulf  kicked offed the afternoon by putting a limelight on the importance of digitizing the tactical and strategic layers of the enterprise. He stated that this gives us totally new possibilities to drive a competitive enterprise by exploring and exploiting the human intelligence, in combination with all the data that is generated inside and around today’s businesses. To do this a next generation knowledge technology is required that has the ability to capture expert knowledge in the form of knowledge blocks. These knowledge blocks can be simply interlocked into an unlimited number of new digital capabilities by business people themselves, without any prior experience of programming. “You can start almost anywhere reducing the digital risk of not digitizing your business fast enough, benefiting the efficiency and effectiveness potential that lies in combining human intelligence, information and data”.
Lars Johansson & Mattias Lindström

Lars Johansson & Mattias Lindström

Lars is Utvecklingschef, and Mattias Utvecklingsingenjör Teknik/ BIM at PEAB

From classical craftsmanship to a digital knowledge builder

Peab want to have the capability of continuously test and proactively adapt their business models to continuously changing market needs. “We need to be relevant now and in the future and all our stakeholders want to see Peab as a strong profitable competitor within the construction industry”

Peab see the journey in three steps:
1) Increasing the knowledge capital for reuse – Peab goes from tacit knowledge to easy accessible common knowledge by digitize all their processes and creates navigators to deliver easily accessible common valuable knowledge.

2) Make digital reusable buildings models and building components – Peab will be able to reused digital components in new projects to help them build smarter and find new methods This means transforming from today’s project focus to a product focus, on top of a smart digital platform.

3) Explore and exploit new digital technology to design new value offers and new arenas for customer meetings

Patrik Hylta

Patrik Hylta

Director Next Generation Packaging Lines

Patrik told us about the journey to actionable value chain insights to become the Intelligent Enterprise: Focus on using a smart digital platform to connect databases and reuse product data taxonomy. Involve the business and let them be a a part of the process and drive it. Simplify and improve interface for users so they can keep the data clean & fresh with high quality. Share and learn from other companies that tested different solutions.
Tove Nilstun

Tove Nilstun

Manager Product Development, Ortelius

Tove Nilstun made it clear to all of us, with a hands on experience, how she was able in 8 minutes to created an extended capability to manage risk in a change portfolio by adding an existing knowledge block about certain trends.

  • Digitization of knowledge intensive processes made simple and augmenting the capability to transform business faster and more precise.
  • Digital Transformation is a dimension that should reflect through the entire Change portfolio to minimize risk for not making the right investments.
  • Digitalize knowledge right from the beginning so you only have to do it once and then reuse it in subsequent digitalization projects.
    Define and use your Business Capabilities as a language to execute the business right, but also to ensure that you execute the right business.
Stefan Dageson

Stefan Dageson

CTO at Ortelius

Stefan presented the concept of “Corporate Brain” platform, a disruptive technology transforming individuals into team players interacting upon shared and continuously evolving knowledge; team players taking advantage of new technology where it is superior to human capability and, not the least, taking advantage of human capability where its superior to machine technology. The intelligent enterprise is a matter of collaboration between humans and machines where both are doing what they are best suited for. There is a great potential in this new era of collaborative augmented intelligence made possible by new technology to depict our business environments in a more precise and multifaceted way.

William J. Ribaudo

Managing Partner, Venture Portfolio, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Photos from the day

Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprises are the ones balancing: the increasing power of computers, forming the foundation for analytics and artificial intelligence, with the human ability to imagine and being creative, utilizing team dynamics when forming insights and new knowledge.

The Intelligent Enterprise 2017 conference was a half day event where we explained how managers can combine human intelligence with technology-enabled insights to make smarter choices in the face of uncertainty and complexity. Integrating the two streams of data and knowledge is not easy, but once management teams learn how to tame and blend them, the advantages can be substantial.