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Getting your data right

Going from process driven to data informed to data driven as an organization is a major change. It requires changes in how people work, how processes are designed and technology that supports it all. One of the major challenges is getting your data right.

Do you have any of these challenges:

  • Analytics dashboards with the same purpose but different data.
  • Experience lack of trust in the data provided to you.
  • Difficulties in digitizing tacit knowledge which enables complex decision making.
  • Lack of a complete picture of the situation you try to analyze.
  • The same term (weight as an example) means different things in different systems.
  • Data labels are transformed as it flows through your system landscape (customer > organization > user > consumer) which hinders traceability.

We can help you.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • Establish and manage Meta data, master data, taxonomies and ontologies. Creating the unique digital fingerprint for an enterprise.
  • Enabling data driven organizations.
  • Establishing a cross functional business source of trusted data
  • Reducing marginal cost of new integrations approaching zero.
  • Ensuring knowledge retention.
  • Enabling distributed governance of data, meta data, and master data to those that know.
  • Establishing and maintaining Ontologies and Taxonomies

Daniel Lundin

Daniel Lundin has worked both as a consultant and roles responsible for governance, as well as running an operational Digital Twin of an Organization in a large multinational company. Data driven organizations require a hypothesis driven culture and a data habit to succeed. Schedule a meeting with Daniel Lundin to learn more.

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