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Large transformations

At Ortelius we specialize in solving your problems permanently.

We have experience from large complex projects in multinational organizations.

Aligning perspectives and expectations

Implementing a new system such as ERP, PLM, CRM or PIM includes a digital transformation journey. Matching expectations from business to outcome in a multi-year project is difficult. Our experience in aligning the perspective from Business and their expectations, IT and their set of requirements and Enterprise Architects and their system landscape and capability maps is difficult.

Do you have any of these challenges:

  • Formulating and visualizing user stories
  • Understanding the data and information requirements across the value chain involved in your project
  • Aligning a user story with a conceptual model
  • Validating that the information model will support the business needs

We can help you.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • Quickly capture the current state regarding key domains of your organization (product, customer, services, organization).
  • Visualize and establish a common understanding of your organizations current state (As-Is)
  • Validate indented solution with stakeholders using real data and models.
  • Capability of capturing, versioning, creating and visualizing scenarios of potential future states (Could-Be)
  • Providing the tools enhance your capability to act on a selected To-Be state.
  • Providing requirement and specification for future system implementation.

Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson leads Ortelius’ consultant team and is an expert in the boundaries between business and information modeling. Driving large complex transformation projects across industries has given Ben Jackson a unique experience in ensuring implementing the right changes needed.

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