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Product management end-to-end

At Ortelius we specialize in solving your problems permanently.

We have experience from large complex projects in multinational organizations.

Managing and maintaining information

Managing and maintaining information for the entire product lifecycle is challenging for most companies today.

Do you have challenges with any of the following:

  • Publishing a coherent data set to a third party distributor.
  • Maintaining data for your product from cradle to cradle.
  • Managing attributes and data for product between PLM systems, ERP systems and SEM systems.
  • Selling products as services.
  • Maintaining an overview of Hardware, Software, Electronics and Software across product lifecycle.

We can help you.

For us at Ortelius we have extensive knowledge and experience in :

  • Establishing a common product language.
  • Establishing an attribute master.
  • Creating or validating/improving a common model for the product structure.
  • Creating an End-to-end definition on products.
  • Enabling a common governance structure.
  • Providing a with high quality, compliant information and with a built in flexibility to change fast whenever needed. i.e. add a completely new type of product or service.

Krister Wastring

Krister Wastring has over 20 years of experience with product management across value chains. Working with many large multi national companies in different roles Krister Wastring has a wide understanding of business problems, and how they can be resolved.

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