Our CTO, Stefan Dageson, will together with our Head of Digital Transformation Concept, Sandra Markusson, present our framework and talk about how our inorigo® platform enables you to digitize your organization’s knowledge to leverage your customer involvement and big data experiences. During their session they will focus on:

• Understanding the extent to which knowledge in your company is silo’d and exploring how this is affecting your digital transformation
• Examining how you can create a Digital Knowledge Exchange across your whole organization
• Sharing intelligence more clearly across departments to enable greater collaborate and a more intelligent enterprise
• Understanding the complexity and impact of your current path and future scenarios through a greater understanding of organizational knowledge
• The platform as a common reference to orchestrate Master data, Big data, Open data, Information Governance, Internet of things

If you are interediary-listing-edte-london-2016sted in attending the Exchange and meeting with us and Heads/Directors/VPs of Digital Transformation from some of the world’s largest companies including BMW, The AA, HSBC, BT and many more, you can find more information here –