William J. Ribaudo of Deloitte and Orvin L. Kacprzyk, JD of Ortelius join the advisory ranks of the OECD headquartered in Paris, France after a public interview by Science, Technology & Innovation Director, Andrew Wyckoff during OECD’s 20th Anniversary Forum „World in e-Motion”.

Participation revolves around William’s research and findings on Company Business Models and Country GDP – Opportunity or Threat for Country Policymakers supported by Ortelius’ inorigo® technology. They’ll serve with the Committee on Digital Economic Policy (CDEP) and contribute to OECD’s high priority project: „Going Digital” which assists its 36 member countries implement an integrated policy approach to digital transformation.

This invitation came before William and Orvin headed off for a repeat performance at the 2019 edition of Central Europe’s Economic Forum visited by approximately 6000 attendees from 60 countries. Next year, the Visegrad Group will celebrate their 30th Forum Anniversary with the view to constitute a new, special thematic block for the event to be led by Deloitte and Ortelius.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) began in 1948 and was officially founded in 1961 to boost world trade and economic progress. Most members are developed countries that have a high-income economy. These countries use the OECD as their platform to develop best practices, coordinate their numerous policies, and find answers to common issues together with fellow countries.