19 Sep 2022

Ortelius partners with InterSystems to enhance digital twin and machine learning offer

January 11, 2022 – Malmö, Sweden

Swedish Ortelius, a digital twin technology company, partners with Boston-based InterSystems to offer combined solutions of unmatched business modelling capability together with high-speed data storage and machine learning capability.

”We are proud and happy to collaborate with InterSystems, which is a leader in data platform technology. As partners, we offer the best of both worlds, namely tackling the modeling of complex business dependencies and the handling of large amounts of data. It is beneficial for a business to place its large volumes of data in an understandable context, while at the same time reducing the risk in decision-making. Moreover, the machine learning ability increases significantly. The solution frees up costs and time to search for and coordinate information, and it provides customers with the tools to focus on accelerated growth and trustworthy data to base decisions upon,” Ulf Jensen, CEO of Ortelius.

The inorigo® platform together with InterSystems’ IRIS platform means that a customer can create a dynamic digital twin of their business and have their systems fully inter-connected, while also enjoying no limit to how much data can be stored and analyzed in real-time.

“We are delighted to begin this partnership with Ortelius, which is a prominent player in the field of digital twins. Our goal is to provide them with our expertise in data storage. It is a partnership with strategic scope aimed at better serving customers,” says Johan Nordström, Sales Executive at InterSystems.

“Data management and connecting it to a reliable 360° view of your company are hot topics and will continue to be so. Together with InterSystems, we are at the forefront. The combined platform has unique capabilities to build scalable digital twins in combination with low-code application development, advanced analysis in AI such as machine learning and natural language processing,” Ulf Jensen continues.

Ortelius uses the inorigo® software to create digital twins of all different parts of a business. The parts can be connected, as building blocks, into a functioning whole – making it possible to build a digital twin of the entire enterprise in a stepwise approach. With inorigo®, a common language is evolved for the entire business and all its data, activities and relations, which enables the organization to exchange systems and integrate new business models much easier.

We are delighted to begin this partnership with Ortelius, which is a prominent player in the field of digital twins.

Johan Nordström, Sales Executive at InterSystems

About Ortelius

We are a Swedish digital twin company, ensuring customers have structured databases and enabling companies to visualize opportunities. By way of information modelling, we create dynamic digital models of businesses for customers to visualize and understand their current and future scenarios. We provide the expertise in designing taxonomy and ontology based solutions. We are a management consultancy company.


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