About us

Accelerating the Intelligent Enterprise

Expertise from the inside

In 1999, we brought our vast collective experience of improvement and management work from inside major international companies, together to achieve our vision. Our expertise enables us to fully understand your challenges and your needs. It also makes us experts in finding and realizing the huge hidden improvement potential residing in your business.

Since 1999 Ortelius has more than 60 years of experience accelerating intelligent enterprises. We know what it takes to make use of all knowledge, expertise and information that coexists in your organization today, by making it accessible where ever its useful at the same time as its created.

Mapping the big picture

Our namesake, Abraham Ortelius, was the first cartographer in history to create a modern atlas of the world, by convincing his fellow cartographers of the value in using one common standard of measurement in their mapping. His Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, published in 1570, was valued for its accuracy and its unified approach. It was used to further education and science and was throughout its publication history, the undisputed leader in European atlas-making.

Abraham Ortelius: Mapping the geographic aspect of the world

Ortelius: Mapping your enterprise knowledge with the inorigo® platform