To stay relevant and keep up with change you need to master product information. Do you?

Leveraging Product Management with the data and knowledge you didn’t even know you had

We help you capture and map the information and knowledge you define as critical to be able to plan your Product Portfolio road-map and its relevance in the future. Capturing the information into a data model (or you could call it a digital twin) enables you to zoom in and out as you see fit.

Our findings are that as much as 93% of the data you need already exists in your data ecosystem. By structuring and activating this you are able to monitor, define and redefine the right KPI’s when needed.

We help customers build what we call Growth Navigators which give new capabilities for Product Management and Sales, to visualize blind spots on the market. Our customers have been able to fast and easy cross bundle existing technology to meet new market demands and reach additional sales with high marginal cost increase. Watch the video!

Ortelius is specialized on helping complex organizations to map out all capabilities into a digital twin of the business, enabling existing IT systems to provide more trustworthy Insight and the business experts to provide more strategic Foresight.

Getting started and to get value does not take as long as you might think.

Product Management value assessment

Two customer challenges resolved

Note: the financial gains in the below cases are shared for illustration purposes, and cannot be guaranteed.

Case 1

New business model

Introducing and integrating a new business model throughout the company.

Challenge: Market requires adoption to circular economy opening up opportunities to offer new business models but it also requires to make it easy to interact with new partners.

Time: 8 weeks.


  • Marketing opportunity circular economy
  • ”Cheaper” products than competitors
  • Easier transition for customer
  • Fast and precise development and implementation of the required digital capability

Our part

  • Reducing time to market from years to months and weeks
  • Find and covering white space in the application landscape
  • Support the intranet developers with knowledge how the product data is built up
  • Export data from the existing AL Well platform, powered by inorigo
  • Simplifying and coordinating the capturing of the new business needs/demands, building a data model and a set of applications to support the required capability.


  • No native IT systems supports new requirements
  • Existing IT systems cannot adapt to the new business needs
  • Wide range of products

Case 2

Growth navigator

35% of revenue is from fossil business. We don’t know when/how, but biobased fuel will replace hydrocarbons as main energy source.

Challenge: No common as-is. Knowledge in people’s heads. Tribal knowledge. Excel not sufficient.

Time: 10 weeks


  • +400 MSEK deal for new segment in new market.
  • Capturing tacit knowledge before retirement of key staff.
  • Adjusting industry perspective across company; cross functional knowledge sharing.
  • Finding hidden opportunities.

Our part

  • Increased speed to establish as-is by enabling reuse of existing knowledge.
  • Time from idea to execution cut in half
  • Application to explore and discover new insights
  • Application to maintain and govern the data
  • Strategic Insights on potential scenarios for the future.


  • Ever changing world
  • Large range of products
  • Knowledge is distributed

Why Ortelius

Ortelius created the Ortelius DTO platform with the vision of helping companies be forsighted and agile in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.