Professional Services

Excellence in getting the inorigo® platform and solutions up an running in no-time. The choices are many to make sure you can collaborate with inorigo® in the right way cross the global enterprise. In the cloud or on premise does not matter to us and you will be able to integrate with any other software whatever choice you make.

We have a well trained Help-desk who will do everything in their power to assist you and make everyday a good day for you.

Our Academy will assist you with training as you wish our you can visit our extensive library of instruction videos when you become a client.


Establishing a scalable efficient platform to enable a ”Digital Corporate Brain” capability

Implementation of a Digital Corporate Brain – inorigo®, is just the beginning – not the end. We emphasize knowledge collaboration to ensure that our customers can maintain and continually adapt the platform and create solutions to meet both internally and externally-driven business needs. This ensures a future-proofed solution for our customers.

We offer solution development, implementation and training services directly through a team of experts. With several implementation packages available, our dedicated team will work closely with your project team to determine the best approach for your organization. We will assess the complexity of the implementation, as well as the cost, time, and other resources.