inorigo® - the story

Letting your knowledge workers really focus on creating real value

 The inorigo® story


inorigo® has been designed by some of the world’s most experienced business architects. They have been able to embed our unique universal model at the very core of the platform. inorigo® makes it possible to capture, organize and store knowledge in a universal understandable format and put relevant context to all data and information that exists inside and around an organization. It also makes it possible to capture strategic intelligence – knowledge about where to go and what to do – so the organization can develop business models and plans based on aspirations of the future, rather than just having to extrapolate on history. The way inorigo® is designed, it makes it possible to interact with the knowledge repository, cross organizational boarders of any kind. This allows more people in on the problem, or opportunity, and helps create solutions that make it  better for all stakeholders.



The inorigo® application development feature lets us create new critical business capabilities with speed, precision and at a fraction of the cost since we can use one single repositories as a common source for all. We’ve never had so much information and data at our fingertips as we do today. We’ve also never spent so much time searching and filtering among all of this.  You’ve invested in the smartest people. However, you are missing an enormous opportunity by using all of that intellect in time spent searching and trying to understand data, who actually end up with only 20% of their time being smart Our platform helps you discover and map your mission critical  knowledge assets. It becomes a competitive advantage as soon as we turn it into strategic management solutions, sharable across the entire enterprise.