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We are experts in Digital Transformation,
Data & Information Management, and Business Development.

Management Consultants
Expert Support for Business Challenges

Our Consultants

Digital Transformation

Information & Data Management, and Business Development

We are experts in capturing business needs and translating them into quality data points in metadata structures in the form of taxonomies and ontologies. With information modeling, we create rules and relationships in the metadata structures. Our team of experienced consultants can support your business with innovative methods and tools, making business improvements easier, more transparent, collaborative and effective.

Consultancy Expertise

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Information Architects
  • Master Data Architects
  • Information Modelers
  • Business Analysts
  • MDM, Metadata Management Specialists
  • Governance Specialists

Our consultants:

  • Support customers in short and long-term challenges.
  • Bring experience and innovative methods and tools.
  • Make business improvements easier, more transparent, collaborative and effective.
  • Are information-centric and focused on data & information management.

Jenny Malmqvist

Sales & Consultancy Expert
+46 (0)40 699 50 00


Digital Transformation
Data & Information Management

Digital Business Transformation is a process of incorporating digital technologies into a business to enhance operations, drive growth, and improve customer experience. Our company offers expert guidance on defining the strategic direction, implementing transformation programs and executing digital business transformation for our clients.

Data & Information Management refers to the processes and practices of organizing, storing, maintaining, and utilizing data and information in an effective and efficient manner. This involves the implementation of systems, software, and tools for the collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination of data. The goal of Data & Information Management is to ensure that data and information are accessible, reliable, and secure, and can be easily used to support decision-making and drive business outcomes. Effective data and information management is essential for organizations to remain competitive and achieve their goals.

Ortelius’ experiences range from Data Modeling, Data Engineering (SQL, Python), Information Modeling, Information Architect skills and Enterprise Architect expertise – ultimately helping you improve your business performance.

Business Management

Strategy & Business Development 
Business Management Consultancy

We specialize in Business Analyzing, Data and Information Strategy, Information Management Strategy, Data Governance, and Business Development. Our expertise in the a range of sectors including manufacturing, construction, automotive and healthcare allows us to bring unique insights and value to our clients’ digital transformation journey. Our team has extensive experience in functional strategy assessment and development, process analysis and revitalization, and value chain and material flow improvement.

Our proven capabilities enable us to provide support at every stage of the process, from assessment and design to implementation and execution. Our goal is to help our clients achieve improved business performance through effective and efficient digital transformation. We help accelerating and executing the implementation – we are here to help.

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