SYSTEM AGnostic approach

The technology we use

We support you in making the right decisions with the help of a big picture understanding. With inorigo you remain flexible to your needs and existing tech systems.

The low-code platform


Inorigo with it’s true reflection database capability enables you to mirror any man-made or natural system and removes common software/system limitations when it comes to data, model and governance.

The low-code platform makes collective human and machine decision-making possible through an extensive set of visualizing exploratory tools and web services. It is flexible, scalable and integrates with any systems.

It allows modelling, visualization and validation of information models in different layers. With the help of inorigo, you can:

  • create and visualize a conceptual information model.
  • transform the conceptual information model into a logical model with business rules.
  • integrate any data source and add data to the models created thus validating the quality of the model.
  • visualize the data in web applications.

It has unique database capabilities which combine hierarchical, relational and graph functions, enabling highly interconnected, flexible and accurate models of an area of your business, or of your entire business. Inorigo enables an unseen flexibility in modeling.

The platform is continuously developed in close collaboration with large international corporations to ensure innovation is driven by customer needs and aligns with market and business challenges to change fast with precision.

It can be fully integrated into your existing Intranet and internal portals – along with your security policies. It is also supported on tablet devices.