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Product management end-to-end

Managing and maintaining information for the entire product lifecycle is challenging for most companies today.

Do you have challenges with any of the following:

  • Publishing a coherent data set to a third party distributor.
  • Maintaining data for your product from cradle to cradle.
  • Managing attributes and data for product between PLM systems, ERP systems and SEM systems.
  • Selling products as services.
  • Maintaining an overview of Hardware, Software, Electronics and Software across product lifecycle.
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Large transformations

Implementing a new system such as ERP, PLM, CRM or PIM includes a digital transformation journey. Matching expectations from business to outcome in a multi-year project is difficult. Our experience in aligning the perspective from Business and their expectations, IT and their set of requirements and Enterprise Architects and their system landscape and capability maps is difficult.

Do you have any of these challenges:

  • Formulating and visualizing user stories
  • Understanding the data and information requirements across the value chain involved in your project
  • Aligning a user story with a conceptual model
  • Validating that the information model will support the business needs
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Enabling a data driven organization

Going from process driven to data informed to data driven as an organization is a major change. It requires changes in how people work, how processes are designed and technology that supports it all. One of the major challenges is getting your data right.

Do you have any of these challenges:

  • Analytics dashboards with the same purpose but different data.
  • Experience lack of trust in the data provided to you.
  • Difficulties in digitizing tacit knowledge which enables complex decision making.
  • Lack of a complete picture of the situation you try to analyze.
  • The same term (weight as an example) means different things in different systems.
  • Data labels are transformed as it flows through your system landscape (customer > organization > user > consumer) which hinders traceability.
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