19 Sep 2022

Ortelius announces the release of inorigo® 3rd Generation to the market

March 29, 2022 – Malmö, Sweden

The 3rd generation of the award-winning inorigo® software platform have taken another big step towards its vision to help businesses transform more coordinated, more precise, faster and without having to be dependent on programming wizards or database experts.

The platform has a unique database capability which combines hierarchical, relational and graph functions, enabling highly interconnected, flexible and accurate models of the business world. By utilizing scientific taxonomy and ontology principles, inorigo® ensures that organizations can have one common enterprise wide “definition language” of their business-critical information. The implementation allows for customers to improve the collective business decision making, based on an accurate 360-view of the entire enterprise.

“This comprehensive launch is really in line with our vision. With inorigo®, we can find out what is the right complex challenges to solve for our customers and solve them with our team of business consultants, not having to program one single line of code. This software release ensures simplicity in order for customers to take ownership of their own digital transformation using inorigo®. It also provides customers with the tools to focus on accelerated growth and trustworthy data to base decisions upon. We work closely with our customers and pay attention to their needs and requirements. Together with them and an innovative mindset, our new software generation is the result,” said Ulf Jensen, CEO at Ortelius.

The focus of the 3rd generation is to improve data exchange between systems and to extend the low code capabilities. The inorigo® platform makes collective human and machine decision making possible through an extensive set of visualizing exploratory tools and web services. The inorigo® software includes features for application builders, database designers and more intuitive support to build datasets. This software release is a new type of platform that also provides enhanced interface, increased productivity as well as ensured intuitive guidance for the end customer.

“inorigo® enables an unseen flexibility in modeling. When a common language is evolved for the entire business and all its data, activities and relations, it enables the organization to exchange systems and integrate new business models much easier. This is amongst the most comprehensive and important work we have done on our software,” said Stefan Dageson, CTO at Ortelius.

inorigo® enables an unseen flexibility in modeling.

Stefan Dageson, CTO at Ortelius

About Ortelius

We are a Swedish digital twin company, ensuring customers have structured databases and enabling companies to visualize opportunities. By way of information modelling, we create dynamic digital models of businesses for customers to visualize and understand their current and future scenarios. We provide the expertise in designing taxonomy and ontology based solutions. We are a management consultancy company.

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