19 sep 2022

Ortelius globally recommended by Gartner as a top vendor for Enterprise Business Process Analysis tools

February 3, 2022

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has recommended the Swedish technology company Ortelius as a key vendor for Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) tools in their latest published Market Guide. 

This is the second time Ortelius is recommended by Gartner. First time was as a key DTO vendor out of all candidates examined globally. DTO stands for Digital Twin of an Organization and is a revolutionary technology which helps innovative and tech-savvy leaders to prioritize, guide, plan, monitor, analyze and scale complex business. This time in the EBPA Market Guide, Ortelius is recommended in the “Enable Digital Transformation by Closing the Strategy-to-Execution Gap” case for digital transformation cases.

“This is yet another huge acknowledgement from Gartner. We are encouraged by our clients who believes in us and recognize the benefits of our inorigo® platform. Gartner’s research is a testimony that our clients are on the right track, and hopefully many more, improving their business by using our technology”, says Ulf Jensen, CEO of Ortelius.

The Gartner case reflects what value Ortelius can create and deliver to customers. EBPA tools, in this case, help translate strategy into execution, support change initiatives and transformation, and support decision making.

 “Ortelius’ DTO can handle new or changed data, but does not only change this in the mapping, but also in the feeding data component. This is a rarely seen exceptional capability that makes the Ortelius’ DTO truly dynamic”, says Marc Kerremans, VP Research at Gartner.

 The Digital Twin of an Organization enables modelling capabilities of complex business dependencies to understand how the entire business is connected. This is the foundation for solving complex business problems and at the same time defining a common language for the entire enterprise. We create a true reflection of entire businesses to ensure decisions are based upon trustworthy data, enabling focus on accelerated growth, adapting to change and getting to a better future before the competitor.

Gartner’s research is a testimony that our clients are on the right track, and hopefully many more, improving their business by using our technology

Ulf Jensen, CEO of Ortelius

About Ortelius

We are a Swedish digital twin company, ensuring customers have structured databases and enabling companies to visualize opportunities. By way of information modelling, we create dynamic digital models of businesses for customers to visualize and understand their current and future scenarios. We provide the expertise in designing taxonomy and ontology based solutions. We are a management consultancy company.


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