19 sep 2022

Ortelius partners with Care Communicator to create a digital health platform

February 8, 2022 – Malmö, Sweden

Malmö-based digital twin software services firm Ortelius partners with trailblazing start-up Care Communicator to enable easy access to quality healthcare through advanced digital platform technology.

Ortelius provides the backend for Care Communicator’s digital solution to facilitate decision support for both the patients and the medical staff. Lund-based Care Communicator offers people a service that lets them take charge of where and how they can access healthcare. This through a list of options and suggested places in the patient’s own country, the EU or elsewhere.

“Care Communicator is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, which will be vital for patients who need healthcare quick and easy. With our inorigo® platform we have been able to, in a quick and easy way, prototype and build a serviceable back-end for Care Communicator’s solution. Everyone that build solutions are challenged by the fact they should build a back-end that has a well-designed database at the core. With inorigo® this can be done by the customer themselves or our business consultants will help them. This is very much a no-code experience,” says Ulf Jensen, CEO at Ortelius.

The aim of the digital solution is to shorten care queues and offer reliable healthcare through the extended digital health and wellness tool that people can use continuously on their device of choice. People seeking treatment should be provided with quality healthcare options at the right time. Sometimes the queues are long within the local healthcare system. A need was identified to provide patients with the help they need to find adequate treatment options elsewhere.

“We were very keen on partnering with Ortelius since they are a high-tech company with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the healthcare industry. Our objective is for people to make their own choices for their own health with the help of reliable information and easy access. Care Communicator gives an overall transparency and simplifies processes for both for the individual and the caregivers – and Ortelius supports us in delivering on our promise”, says Lars Holmqvist, CEO at Care Communicator.

We were very keen on partnering with Ortelius since they are a high-tech company with comprehensive knowledge and understanding

Lars Holmqvist, CEO at Care Communicator

About Ortelius

We are a Swedish digital twin company, ensuring customers have structured databases and enabling companies to visualize opportunities. By way of information modelling, we create dynamic digital models of businesses for customers to visualize and understand their current and future scenarios. We provide the expertise in designing taxonomy and ontology based solutions. We are a management consultancy company.


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