17 Sep 2022

The Intelligent Enterprise – November 20, 2017

On November 20, 2017 we held our third Intelligent Enterprise Conference in Malmö. A big thank you to everyone who came and participated, making it such a successful and insightful experience!

The importance of digitizing the tactical and strategic layers of the enterprise

Ulf Jensen
CEO at Ortelius

From classical craftsmanship to a digital knowledge builder

Lars is Utvecklingschef at PEAB
Mattias Utvecklingsingenjör Teknik/ BIM at PEAB

The journey to actionable value chain insights to become the Intelligent Enterprise

Patrik Hylta
Director Next Generation Packaging Lines

How to in 8 min create an extended capability to manage risk in a change portfolio 

Tove Nilstun
Manager Product Development at Ortelius

The “Corporate Brain” platform, a disruptive technology transforming individuals into team players interacting upon shared and continuously evolving knowledge

Stefan Dageson
CTO at Ortelius


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