18 Sep 2022

The Intelligent Enterprise – October 14, 2019

On October 14, 2019 we held our fourth Intelligent Enterprise Conference in Malmö.
We were very happy to welcome 150 participants, who arrived from different continents.
We would like to thank everyone who came, and hope we were able to provide you with new insights and inspiration about a Digital Twin of an Organization, and Corporate Development Management.

The big shift in tactical and strategic planning processes

Ulf Jensen
CEO at Ortelius

The Future of Corporate Development….is now

Stefan Dageson
CTO at Ortelius

Free your mind with a Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization

Tove Nilstun
Head of Platform Development at Ortelius

Connecting the dots

Joakim Gyllin
Head of Advisory at Ortelius

Putting a Digital Twin of an Organization to work at IKEA

Markus Engberg
Project Manager, IKEA Range & Supply Digital

Managing People and Uncertainty

Josef Oehmen
Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark

10 ways to kill your company

Joakim Gyllin
Head of Advisory, Ortelius

Experimentation is key in a changing world

Alex Syed
Vice President Corporate Development, Alfa Laval AB

The Great Corporate Race: Digital business models and the link to market valuation

Bill Ribaudo
Senior Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

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