27 Mar 2024

The metagraph platform inorigo® is now a separate legal entity

March 27, 2024 – Malmö, Sweden

As a natural step in Ortelius’s evolution and to better support all the Inorigo customers the inorigo® MetaGraph platform is now owned and managed by Inorigo AB. We want the inorigo® technology to be developed and financed by the inorigo company.

Ortelius will reinforce it’s focus on providing excellent consulting services for our customers, services that go beyond the technological capabilities of inorigo®.

Ortelius still will be a partner to INORIGO AB and utilize the unique business and operations development capabilities of the inorigo® MetaGraph platform.

“Ortelius customers are every day challenged by the continuously increasing complexity of their enterprise. Unfortunately, this leads to misconceptions, high risk in the decision-making process, silo management and a lot of missed opportunities. inorigo® is the only platform on the market today where we as business consultants can build up a trustworthy information model (or digital twin) of the enterprise together with their clients and have the capability to define and test future scenarios”, says Ortelius CEO Ulf Jensen.

inorigo® is the only platform on the market today where we as business consultants can build up a trustworthy information model

Ulf Jensen CEO

“We look forward to continue being a partner to inorigo® and show the market the power of the technology, but we also recognize that we will have other consulting businesses to compete with in the future”, Ulf continues.

About Ortelius

We are a Swedish digital twin company, ensuring customers have structured databases and enabling companies to visualize opportunities. By way of information modelling, we create dynamic digital models of businesses for customers to visualize and understand their current and future scenarios. We provide the expertise in designing taxonomy and ontology based solutions. We are a management consultancy company.

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