Stefan Dageson Ortelius digital twin
17 nov 2022

The puzzling truth of Composable Business

and how to get it all right – piece by piece

The golden future of composable business

So, what is composable business? In short, it is about going from a rigorous and monolithic system landscape to a modular application portfolio. By arranging and rearranging digital solutions of business components, organizations are assumed to achieve flexibility and agility in the age of digitalization. According to Gartner, who reinvented the concept, organizations will significantly improve their recognition, agility, resilience and leadership skills. This great idea is about building an organization made from interchangeable building blocks. However, the suggested implementation approach will hardly be able to deliver what it promises. It is by no means as rational as it sounds. In fact, it will most likely have the opposite effect.

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Navigating an uncertain future

What we will cover: Engaging business in hypothesis driven strategy (Challenge, Approach, Result) The tool (Growth Navigator, Intended capabilities and Intended functionality) Ortelius methodology Share

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