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Accelerating the intelligent enterprise

Knowledge has always meant power, something that today is confirmed as the availability and management of information is crucial in how we assess a company’s market value. Information has simply become the new oil and is available at companies in various systems as well as in the heads of all employees. The companies that strategically use, save and experiment with knowledge ensure their competitiveness and market value over time.

But converting information / data to actual market value is a challenge for most organizations today, since they work in silos and usually lack a uniform language.

In 1999 Ortelius AB was founded with the vision of helping companies increase their market value by offering the ability to create a common knowledge platform with a uniform business language, the first world map for the organization.The world has been digitized and is moving faster than ever before. As ordinary maps tend to become obsolete at the moment they are completed, Ortelius AB has chosen to create its organizational chart in the form of a dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO). In a purely technical way, Ortelius DTO is a well-designed generic model across an organization. It describes how things are connected, and provide a full 360 view of the business.

To create a dynamic DTO, Ortelius AB’s proprietary software, inorigo® is used. Now that you have your common knowledge platform in place, use it correctly. Ortelius has developed a way of working, the Corporate Develop Management (CDM) Platform, which provides the right conditions for the organization to work more efficiently with business and business development.

inorigo® – the next generation knowledge technology


Capture your business ecosystem into a Digital Twin to see the big picture and create new opportunities


Collaborate, share and accelerate the collective intelligence across your organization


Test your ideas in a safe intelligent environment before you decide what great opportunities to take action on


Have confidence when you take action. Sense the situation continuously to learn and remember before next step in your evolution

A paradigm shift

People have always tried to simplify the world in which they live by creating hierarchies - from top to bottom. We know the environment is much more complex than such simplified hierarchies but we've lacked support to structure our world in a universal way. Until now! Take your time to view an animation created by one of the guru's on the topic, Manuel Lima. He'll explain everything for you in 10 minutes. Also take your time to think about the possibilities our Business Universal Language can mean for you!

combining human & technology generated knowledge

inorigo® has been designed by some of the world’s most experienced business analysts and business architects. Our development team has been able to embed our Business Universal Model at the very core of the platform – the inorigo® database.

inorigo® database manager makes it possible to capture and interact with knowledge in a unified understandable format and contextualize all data and information that exists inside and around an organization.

It also makes it possible to capture and manage strategic intelligence – knowledge about where to go and what to do – so that the organization can develop business models and plans based on future aspirations, rather than having to depend on the extrapolation of historical data.

Get ahead in the battle of the brains!

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