Ensure ultimate adaptability

In this ever-changing world, see how your business information is connected. Make the right decisions and fully understand your options with the help of a big picture understanding. With a digital twin, we help you codify your business’ information, know-how and abilities to capture it all, including your tacit knowledge.

Information modeling is our every day business.

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Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) .

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DIGITAL TWIN TECHNOLOGY of an organization

We offer a systematic approach to a model you can trust

With the help of our expert consultants and unique methodology, you get a dynamic digital model to visualize strategic opportunities, regardless of your business challenge. Our systematic approach gives you transparency across your business. We start wherever you are and support you on your digital transformation journey. Each step gives you concrete value and brings you one step closer to your envisioned future. We are experts in taxonomy, ontology, information modeling, and principally, Digital Twins of Organizations.

We are in the business of technology with world-class expertise in information modelling.


Find the challenges

In this phase, we work together to understand the present situation and your current challenges. Together, we identify your biggest, hairiest problem to solve. You get clearly defined business problem, analyzed from an information centric perspective and a gap analysis of what steps you might take to solve it.


Visualize the options

Based on your find, we can explore potential scenarios together. We prototype and test the scenarios to develop a plausible future state, a relevant solution. We start small with iterative testing to make sure we solve the right problem and give you a taste of what that might look like.


Solve the challenge

Using your prototype, we implement and further develop the sustainable, long-term solution to the problem we found and visualized together. This means transforming your future vision into a tangible solution in the present, in a dynamic digital model.


Grow your Digital Twin

As your improved state becomes the new normal to you, there will be new challenges that come to light in your organization. By expanding the dynamic digital model to cover several or all areas of your organization, you grow your Digital Twin of an Organization, or DTO.

We are globally recommended by Gartner as a key digital twin vendor

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Chances are, we've seen it before

Though each business challenge is unique, the root causes are often similar. Change is hard, but we've successfully worked with many of the world's leading organizations on their transformation journeys. Let our collective knowledge become yours!

IT is said that ONLY


of all digital investments go to support complex knowledge work.

knowledge workers spend

80 %

of their time on finding data and making sense of it. What's more, data is only history and shows what has already been.

and only


of their time on creating insights and adding value to that information.

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