inorigo® - the Knowledge Interaction Platform

Capture your business knowledge and turn it into sharable intelligent applications across the entire enterprise

Do you need to cross the Digital Transformation chasm too?

A challenging task that can be a great opportunity for your enterprise, but also a great risk due to the complexity of it all. A core capability to make this crossing safe and sound is to be able to start digitizing critical knowledge about what makes your enterprise successful. This corporate knowledge will be your foundation to increase internal productivity in tacit knowledge work as well as creating a close digital interaction with your customers.





inorigo® – the next generation knowledge technology


Capture your complex enterprise eco system rapidly and see the big picture


Collaborate, share and accelerate intelligence across your organization


Turn the complexity of your enterprise into an opportunity.


Have confidence in the accuracy of your strategy, plans, reports and data.

2013 Red Herring 100 Global Winner

“We believe Ortelius embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture.”

2011 Red Herring 100 European Winner

“Ortelius Management shows great promise therefore deserves to be among the Finalists.”

2013 EBA Representative

“Ortelius have created entirely new conditions for how a modern business must work with their business development process.”

2011 EBA Representative

“Ortelius have created entirely new conditions for how a modern business must work with their business development process.”

The inorigo® platform

Accelerating the Intelligent Enterprise

inorigo® has been designed by some of the world’s most experienced business analysts and business architects. Our development team has been able to embed our unique universal model at the very core of the no-code knowledge technology platform – the Knowledge Interaction database.

inorigo® makes it possible to capture and interact with knowledge in a unified understandable format and contextualize all data and information that exists inside and around an organization.

It also makes it possible to capture and manage strategic intelligence – knowledge about where to go and what to do – so that the organization can develop business models and plans based on future aspirations, rather than having to depend on the extrapolation of historical data.

Get ahead in the battle of the brains!

inorigo® – award winning platform for knowledge interaction

A fully customizable web platform that provides tailor-made -collaborative business development tools for your team.

Since 2009, the inorigo® platform has been developed in close collaboration with large international corporations to ensure innovation driven by customer needs and alignment with market and business challenges. inorigo® can be integrated into your existing Intranet and internal portals – along with your security policies. inorigo® is supported on mobile and tablet devices.

inorigo® in action

Stay focused on your key results

You spend countless hours developing your company’s future course. Ortelius’s knowledge interaction platform allows you to focus on your most important business goals and link all your work and projects back to your mission, vision and values.

inorigo® in action

No more surprises

By the time you hear about problems – from unmet sales goals to late product shipments – it’s already too late. Our unique knowledge management platform eliminates surprises and allows you to address problems when they should be addressed: before they become problems.

Solution Areas – based on inorigo® platform

To become successful in today’s business environment you need to foresee the future. Based on our experience, these three solution areas can provide a smart start for a smarter organization.

Where does your journey begin? Read more how we can help you – regardless of your current situation.

Since 1999 Ortelius has been using more than 60 years of combined experience to help companies accelerate an intelligent organizations.

We know what it takes to fully leverage the knowledge, expertise, and information that exists in your organization today.

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